26.02.2015 An Aussie Abroad
Steve Sommerfeld is a common face on the NIGHT of the JUMPs events all around the world. Besides commentating the livestreams and hosting several videoformats, Steve is a regular judge for the FMX World Championship.
16.02.2015 Season Kick Off Sale - 20% Discount on all Merch Products
To give you the right outfit for the new season we'll give you 20% off on all merch until end of February!
12.02.2015  #beBERLIN #beFMX
NIGHT of the JUMPs - developed in Berlin to take the World
25.01.2015 World Champ Melero is back!
Rounding off the second of two double bill FMX European Championship weekends in Austria, those magnificent men on their flying machines delivered yet another unparalleled display of trick cycling.
25.01.2015 Bizouard strikes back in Graz and takes Rankings Lead
After last weekend’s FMX championship opener in Linz, the extreme athletes enjoyed a few days snowboarding in the Zillertal before heading straight to the Stadthalle in Graz, where the latest European championship contests were on the programme at the NIGHT of the JUMPs.
20.01.2015 Podmol junior takes on the rest of the world
This coming weekend, the NIGHT of the JUMPs freestyle motocross stars will be wheeling out their most extravagant tricks on the temporary dirt track in the Stadthalle at Graz (Austria).
18.01.2015 Flip prodigy Petr Pilat wins his first NIGHT of the JUMPs
A double bill of FMX at Linz reached its climax on Saturday night as the Tips Arena hosted a second exemplary display of extreme sport by the twelve-strong field of freestyle motocross stars.
17.01.2015 World champion Melero fails to go through to finale as Rinaldo wins opening round
Spectators in the Tips Arena were treated to the greatest barrage of tricks ever seen in Linz this Friday.
14.01.2015 Hannes Ackermann returns to scene of his greatest triumph
Freestyle motocross riders will fly through the air, almost grazing the roof of the Tips Arena on their dirt bikes at the NIGHT of the JUMPs, January 16th/17th.
10.01.2015 Ivankov in horrific crash as Rinaldo wins Sofia season opener
NIGHT of the JUMPs entered its 15th season this weekend in Sofia (Bulgaria). The campaign opened with a brand new trophy at stake – the Golden Cup.
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