21.08.2014 Mini's Garage - Episode 4 | Exhaust service 2-stroke
We know you guys fall down sometimes on your bike or like to crash into someone elses bike... So today Mini is going to show you how to hammer out a dent in your 2-stroke exhaust. Take a close look!
19.08.2014 Seven Whipmasters at the half-way stage
The Whip contest made a great comeback at the NIGHT of the JUMPS last season. With ROCKWELL Watches as title sponsor, this side contest had audiences leaping out of their seats at every event.
14.08.2014 Mini's Garage - Episode 3 | Oil change at 4 Stroke
Today Mini shows you how to change oil on your 4 stroke.
13.08.2014 Injury Update with Lukas “Skywalker” Weis
Nine weeks after his horrific crash in early June we caught up with 32 year old Lukas Weis for an update on his recovery progress.
07.08.2014 Mini's Garage - Episode 2 | New thread with HeliCoil
Broken thread? - No problem for our mechanic MiniX. In Episode 2 of Mini's Garage Mini shows you how to renew a thread with HeliCoil within less than 5 minutes
31.07.2014 Mini's Garage - Episode 1 | Front Fork Service
First episode of Mini's Garage is online. Check the tutorial and watch how Mini services a front fork for FMX.
30.07.2014 Record holder Bianconcini leads at halfway stage in MAXXIS Highest Air
High, higher, highest – that’s the basic idea behind the MAXXIS Highest Air competition.
28.07.2014 1.000.000 Views on NIGHT of the JUMPs YouTube Channel
The NIGHT of the JUMPs YouTube Channel is growing rapidly. This weekend we reached the next milestone with 1,000,000 views. The next high quality series Mini's Garage is about to start this week.
24.07.2014 Andreas „MiniX“ Kleinfeld starts Video Tutorial „Mini’s Garage“ on NIGHT of the JUMPs YouTube Channel
From Ludwigsfelde near Berlin into the wide world! Andreas “Mini” Kleinfeld is THE infamously famous FMX mechanic on this planet.
23.07.2014 New on YouTube - Minis Garage
Starting late July the new series Minis Garage will be up on our channel and bring you weekly updates on how to repair and maintain your bike. Subscribe now and don't miss one episode.
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