01.11.2014 Radical tricks shown in Chinese blue sky
On the 2nd day of practice the trick level has risen exceptionally.
30.10.2014 Trackbuilding Shenzhen in full Swing
The huge track for the two Chinese FMX Grands Prix will be built within the Shenzhen Sports Centre and feature three different types of ramps and a dirt take off.
27.10.2014 NIGHT of the JUMPs Shenzhen 2014
The biggest track with the best FMX line-up ever in the history of the sport in China.
16.10.2014 Tricktionary - The Stars explain their favourite Tricks
In our brand new YouTube series ‘Tricktionary’ the NOTJ stars will explain in detail how they perform their favorite FMX tricks. We have captured exclusive footage of the tricks in super slow motion.
09.10.2014 Mini's Garage - Episode 10 | Toolbox
In the 10th Episode of Mini's Garage the one and only NOTJ YouTube mega mechanic shows you the must have items for your (F)MX toolbox. Don't miss this epic video!
05.10.2014 NIGHT of the JUMPs Cologne 2014 - Image Gallery
Here are the best moments from NIGHT of the JUMPs. For the highlight clip check our YouTube channel on Sunday.
05.10.2014 NIGHT of the JUMPs Cologne 2014
Trick premieres galore as NIGHT of the JUMPs Part 2 gets off to spectacular start
04.10.2014 Pracctise Gallery Cologne
Click here for the first FMX pics from LANXESS arena in 2014:
25.09.2014 Mini's Garage - Episode 9 | Tire Change
Flat tire??? Mini shows you how to take it off and put on a new one!
18.09.2014 Mini's Garage - Episode 8 | How 2 put Graphics on
Factory Bikes are beautiful in their kind, but you want your personal design on your baby, don't you! Today Mini gives you some hints on how to put on your new graphics. Without any air bubbles.
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