15.09.2012 NIGHT of the JUMPs China : Bizouard and Podmol strong after mid-season break
Guangzhou, 15th September 2012: On Saturday, China played host for the first time ever to the FIM Freestyle MX World Championship.
15.09.2012 We have uploaded the pictures from Gunagzhou - Saturday Event - enjoy !
14.09.2012 NIGHT of the JUMPs China - 1st Training
Finally FMX again! The first training on Chinese ground is over. All riders used the session to adjust to the new bikes and ramps.
14.09.2012 NIGHT of the JUMPs China - Welcome to Guangzhu
Guangzhou – After a long summer break the NIGHT of the JUMPs will start into its second half this weekend with the first FIM Freestyle Motocross World Championship Events in China.
13.09.2012 NIGHT of the JUMPs Poland / Gdansk rescheduled
We have been informed by the polish Promoter “Sportainment” that due to technical reasons the NIGHT of the JUMPs must be rescheduled.
11.09.2012 The Guangzhou track is progressing fast!
Due to a lot of Chinese helping hands and the experience of our international track building crew the track is getting ready pretty fast!
11.09.2012 Construction in China starts, the bikes are already there!
Our partner DHL just delivered the bikes and equipment to the GISA Arena! Now we are waiting for the riders to arrive on Thursday!
07.09.2012 Freestyle MX World Championship conquers the Far East
“Nǐ hǎo NIGHT of the JUMPS” will be heard many times on the 15th and 16th September when the eighth and ninth rounds of this year’s FIM Freestyle MX World Championship take place at the International Sports Arena in Guangzhou.
04.09.2012 Logistic Challenges
Finally our new fork-lift truck arrived at our warehouse near Berlin. So we are well prepared for the next events.
31.08.2012 Summer Update Libor Podmol
Ever wondered how Libor Podmol spent his summer months? - Here is a short summary of Libor's time since the last NIGHT of the JUMPs contest in Togliatti:
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