27.11.2012 Interview Remi Bizouard
Not only the F1 has a three times WORLD CHAMPION. Also French FMX rider Remi Bizouard won the WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP title 3 times. Read the interview with the 2008, 2009 and 2012 World Champ.
21.11.2012  MAXXIS secures naming right of the Highest AIR for the next 3 years
Maxxis has secured the naming rights of the NIGHT of the JUMPs / highest air for the next 3 years and expands its overall presence at the FIM FMX World Championship.
07.11.2012 NIGHT of the JUMPs Tickets incl. entry to the riders camp
Secure your NIGHT of the JUMPs Ticket here and get a free Paddock Pass.
29.10.2012 NIGHT of the JUMPs Riga 2012 - Video Highlights
The 11th round of this years NIGHT of the JUMPs is history! And the event offered so many highlights that it was hard to remember all of them.
27.10.2012 NIGHT of the JUMPs Riga 2012
Villegas winner on the night as Remi Bizouard wraps up world title
25.10.2012 Livestream Riga
Will Remi claim his 3rd FIM Freestyle MX World Championship title this week or could Libor delay the decision to Sofia. See it live on our Livestream from Riga this Saturday.
19.10.2012 NIGHT of the JUMPs Riga 2012 - Preliminary decision on the Baltic?
Freestyle MX World Championship goes into high-voltage eleventh round
16.10.2012 Trio confirms season finale at NOTJ
In addition to the revived Josh Sheehan, Javier Villegas and Maikel Melero have confirmed their attendance at the remaining stops of the NIGHT of the JUMPS 2012 in Riga and Sofia.
11.10.2012 Thank You and Farewell Fabian Bauersachs
After 11 years NOTJ Fab Bauersachs finished his active FMX career last weekend in Cologne.
07.10.2012 NIGHT of the JUMPs Cologne 2012
Cologne winner Remi Bizouard extends world championship lead.
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