18.03.2010 German FMX Championships
The German Freestyle Motocross Championship 2010 will have three tour stopps. Here you find the dates.
17.03.2010 Flip practice do Brazil
Marcelo Simoes has huge style in his tricks, as he improved at the NIGHT of the JUMPs contests in Brazil. But as he has no flips in his runs, he could not reach the final so far. Now Marcelo started the flip practice Brazilian style. See the video!
15.03.2010 BACK in Vienna
The NIGHT of the JUMPs returns to Vienna / Austria  - as FIM Freestyle MX World Championship
26th and 27th of November, Vienna Stadthalle
Ticket Sale is ON
15.03.2010 GoPro HD Cams available
Prepare your season with a ne HD GoPro Cam - now available in our Online Store
14.03.2010 Change of manufacturers
This picture we won't see again in 2010. Fabian Bauersachs rode his KTM at the NIGHT of the JUMPs in Berlin. Now he changed to yellow. And also other riders changed the manufacturer for the 2010 season.
11.03.2010 NIGHT of the JUMPs Graz
On April 17th and 18th the IFMXF will enter Graz with the NIGHT of the JUMPs. For the 10 years anniversary of the worlds biggest Freestyle Motocross series, Austria will see the first pre qualification. Here top FMX riders will fight for the last places in the contest.
06.03.2010 Brazilian FMX Cup
Gilmar Flores wins the Brazilian FMX Cup ahead of Marcelo Simoes and Derek Burlew. Here you find the report of our Brazilian IFMXF jugdge Jose Gaspar.
19.02.2010 Message from the Judges
The IFMXF Judges asked us to publish their Re brieing after the event. Here you will find the results and adjustments after the NIGHT of the JUMPs Berlin.
19.02.2010 FMX Awards 2009
FMX Awards 2009 voting started!
17.02.2010 more than 150.000 enjoyed the live Stream !´s live Stream of the NIGHT of the JUMPs has been watched by more than 150.000 viewers and is now available On Demand for Free
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