28.05.2010 German FMX Championships 2010
For the first contest of the German FMX Championship 2010 the FMX riders will jump on their bikes over Sömmerda airport in Thueringen.
17.05.2010 NIGHT of the JUMPs Sanliurfa Day 2
With a massive final run Podmol saved the victory only 3 points ahead of Izzo

16.05.2010 NIGHT of the JUMPs Sanliurfa
Podmol wins in Sanliurfa and grabs the lead in the World Championship ranking
16.05.2010 Beyond Borders
Hannes Ackermann and Brice Izzo jumped over the borderline between Syria and Turkey. Here you can see the video.
15.05.2010 Simoes for Wilson
Brody Wilson has an eye infection und cannot start in Turkey. Therefore Brasilian Marcelo Simoes will join the field of riders at the NIGHT of the JUMPs Sanliurfa.
15.05.2010 Training Sanliurfa
Yesterday evening the first two practice rounds happened in the GAP stadium Sanliurfa. Here you can see pictures from the track and the practice.
15.05.2010 NIGHT of the JUMPs Sanliurfa
With Podmol, Pilat and Simoes the practice started at 10.00 am. Here you see the pictures from the practice in GAP stadium.
14.05.2010 Sanliurfa
On Friday the IFMXF riders had sightseeing on their program. The guys saw Göbeklitepe and the "pond of Abraham" in Sanliurfa. Here you can see pictures.
13.05.2010 NIGHT of the JUMPs Beyond Borders
Between the borders of Syria and Turkey the NIGHT of the JUMP Crew put together a show “Beyond Borders”.
12.05.2010 Hospital check Sanliurfa
First the whole IFMXF crew has been invited for breakfast and after that Marko Manthey Head of IFMXF had the chance to have tour trough one of the leading Turkish hospitals the OSM ORTADOGU Hospital. In Picture – Mustafa, Marko, Mugti thanks the mangers for their support wishing that this will not be necessary.

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