Dec 16, 2012  Josh Sheehan triumphs in World Championship finale
All hell broke loose on Saturday in Sofia as the freestyle MX riders came together in the Armeec Arena for the final competition in this year’s NIGHT of the JUMPS / FIM Freestyle MX World Championship series.
Sofia, 15th December 2012: The FMX riders fought it out for the last time this year in front of more than 9,000 fans.

Twelve riders from seven nations went head to head in qualifying. Moore was back on the World Championship circuit for the first time in ages. Unbelievable but true, the Australian did not make it through to the finale (#7), despite producing 360 and Volt on the Run. Hannes Ackermann (Germany), Brice Izzo (France), Petr Pilat (Czech Republic) and Jose Miralles (Spain) suffered the same fate, even though they also achieved good runs in qualifying. Only Bianconcini (Italy) totally blotted his copy book, ruining his chances of a place in the final with a dead sailor.

Rankings were introduced for the first time ever in the NIGHT of the JUMPS this 2012 for Maxxis Highest Air contest. Bianconcini dominated the competition, securing 10 out of 12 victories on the day and a TAG Heuer winner’s watch. However, Maikel Melero beat him in Sofia by 20 centimetres. Luc Ackermann, who is only 14 years old, also beat Bianco this year, winning in Basel. His recompense, number two slot on Maxxis Highest Air podium at the close of the season.

The motocrossers once again dug deep into their repertoire of tricks in the final contest of the year. David Rinaldo executed a Double Seatgrab Flip, but even that was only enough for sixth place. Maikel Melero performed the same trick on his run, but with more style, to finish fifth. After his barrage of tricks, Javier ‘Psy’ Villegas did the Gangnam Style, which certainly impressed the fans but not the members of the jury, who placed him fourth.

Podmol (Czech Republic) took the top spot in qualifying, but could not repeat his form in the final, finishing third. Josh Sheehan and Remi Bizouard traded tricks for ultimate victory. The Frenchman pulled off Ruler Flip, Cliffhanger Flip and Hart Attack Flip. Australian rider Sheehan replied with Lazy Flip, Tsunami Flip Indy and 360 to finally triumph in the skies of Sofia with a three-point lead.

And so, a spectacular season dominated by the formidable Remi Bizouard came to an end. He certainly deserves this third world championship title. Libor Podmol took second place from David Rinaldo, who finished third overall. NIGHT of the JUMPS wishes fans everywhere a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Riders will be in Linz / Austria for the season opener of the 2013 NIGHT of the JUMPS in just four weeks time.
Firstname Lastname Nat WR Pts
1 Josh Sheehan AUS 20.0
2 Remi Bizouard FRA 18.0
3 Libor Podmol CZE 16.0
4 Javier Villegas CHL 14.0
5 Maikel Melero ESP 12.0
6 David Rinaldo FRA 10.0
7 Clinton Moore AUS 9.0
8 Brice Izzo FRA 8.0
9 Jose Miralles ESP 7.0
10 Petr Pilat CZE 6.0
11 Hannes Ackermann GER 5.0
12 Massimo Bianconcini ITA 4.0

Firstname Lastname Nat Pts
1 Josh Sheehan AUS 406.0
2 Remi Bizouard FRA 403.0
3 Libor Podmol CZE 401.0
4 Javier Villegas CHL 394.0
5 Maikel Melero ESP 391.0
6 David Rinaldo FRA 375.0

Highest Air
Firstname Lastname Nat Height
1 Maikel Melero ESP 10.2 m
2 Massimo Bianconcini ITA 10.0 m
3 Luc Ackermann GER 8.0 m
4 Libor Podmol CZE 7.0 m

Whip Contest
Firstname Lastname Nat
1 Remi Bizouard FRA
2 Josh Sheehan AUS
3 Javier Villegas CHL
3 Massimo Bianconcini ITA
5 Jose Miralles ESP
5 Brice Izzo FRA
5 Hannes Ackermann GER
5 Luc Ackermann GER

Firstname Lastname Nat Points
1 Libor Podmol CZE 335.0
2 Remi Bizouard FRA 332.0
3 Josh Sheehan AUS 323.0
4 David Rinaldo FRA 322.0
5 Javier Villegas CHL 320.0
6 Maikel Melero ESP 319.0
7 Clinton Moore AUS 311.0
8 Brice Izzo FRA 309.0
9 Jose Miralles ESP 300.0
10 Petr Pilat CZE 292.0
11 Hannes Ackermann GER 292.0
12 Massimo Bianconcini ITA 209.0