Mar 7, 2015  Trick Battle to start the Championship and victory to Melero
The opening of the 2015 FMX World Championship season could not have been more spectacular.
11 of the world's best freestyle motocross riders competed at the NIGHT of the JUMPS in the o2 World arena in Berlin for the opening round and offered visitors a hard-fought battle with many trick premieres.

The finals would feature four reigning and former World Champions, Maikel Melero (ESP), David Rinaldo (FRA), Libor Podmol (CZE) and Jose Miralles (ESP team champion). Above all, the Spanish World Champion, Melero, who in the first qualifying round debuted his new trick, the Melero Roll (Side-saddle take-off to California Roll) to claim the top spot after Qualification.

The German hopes would lay with Luc Ackermann, after his brother failed to start suffering from the flu and the home-town Berliner, Kai Haase who couldn’t perform his Body Varial variations after his 6 month break with injury. The 17-year-old Ackermann, produced a solid run including the 360 and Flair. However Luc was looking for something extra with a Surfer take-off to 9 o’clock Backflip in the Double-Up, but he wasn’t able to land it and crashed, therefore putting him out of the race.

The young rookie Filip Podmol, who would replace Hannes Ackermann in the starting list, had another opportunity to again impress the judges. And after being given the chance, Filip made it count when he landed the 360 over the long distance ramp, but it was an error with his Cordova Flip that caused him to miss the final. However, shortly after, the young Czech rider would secure a victory in the LifeProof Best Whip contest.

The final riders to round out the top 6 were Petr Pilat and Jose Miralles, who, with the other riders in the final were now firing on all cylinders. Podmol showed a huge surfer Tsunami Flip over the kicker ramp. Adelberg landed his first California roll on dirt in competition. Rinaldo displayed his own version of the Cali Roll and also a clean Double Grab Indy Flip.

But for Rinaldo this wouldn’t be enough to win, going head to head against the reigning World Champion Maikel Melero who also had a Double Grab backflip, his new side-saddle take-off California Roll and the Flair on the quarter pipe which would count as the best run and give Melero the first round win. And thus the old world champion has catapulted himself into the New Year, and back on top of the championship standings.

The German fans still had reason to cheer, as Team Germany won in the first Synchro Contest at Night of the Jumps. It was the German youngster Luc Ackermann and Kai Haase, who was only nominated half an hour before qualifying as a team replacement for older brother Hannes Ackermann, after he failed to ride with the flu. Without any training, Luc and Kai were totally in sync and it was enough for the win.

Kai Haase almost again tasted victory in the Maxxis Highest Air, but missed out on his last attempt at a height of 9.50 meters, and for Massimo it was a close victory despite almost missing the event because his bike would not start.

Videolink Trick Best-of World Championship Opening

Firstname Lastname Nat WR Pts
1 Maikel Melero ESP 20.0
2 David Rinaldo FRA 18.0
3 Rob Adelberg AUS 16.0
4 Libor Podmol CZE 14.0
5 Petr Pilat CZE 12.0
6 Jose Miralles ESP 10.0
7 Filip Podmol CZE 9.0
8 Luc Ackermann GER 8.0
9 James Carter USA 7.0
10 Kai Haase GER 6.0
11 Brice Izzo FRA 5.0

Firstname Lastname Nat Pts
1 Maikel Melero ESP 433.0
2 David Rinaldo FRA 433.0
3 Rob Adelberg AUS 424.0
4 Libor Podmol CZE 411.0
5 Petr Pilat CZE 394.0
6 Jose Miralles ESP 351.0

Highest Air
Firstname Lastname Nat Height
1 Massimo Bianconcini ITA 9.5 m
2 Kai Haase GER 9.0 m
3 Jose Miralles ESP 8.5 m

Whip Contest
Firstname Lastname Nat
1 Filip Podmol CZE
2 James Carter USA
3 Rob Adelberg AUS
4 Kai Haase GER

Firstname Lastname Nat Points
1 Maikel Melero ESP 365.0
2 David Rinaldo FRA 359.0
3 Rob Adelberg AUS 349.0
4 Libor Podmol CZE 348.0
5 Petr Pilat CZE 336.0
6 Jose Miralles ESP 316.0
7 Filip Podmol CZE 303.0
8 Luc Ackermann GER 273.0
9 James Carter USA 258.0
10 Kai Haase GER 251.0
11 Brice Izzo FRA 148.0