Nov 2, 2014  Podmol back in world championship fight– victory at NIGHT of the JUMPs in Shenzhen
The weather was fantastic on Saturday, as NIGHT of the JUMPs celebrated its premiere in Shenzhen / China.
Temperatures of 30 degrees and bright sunshine turned the stadium in the Chinese business metropolis into the perfect playground for some world championship action. Three landing hills in all with a double line and seven ramps provided a large track and many options for the eleven FMX stars from five different countries.

The riders had to complete seven tricks plus the double-up in qualifying. The toughest tricks were hammered home into the Chinese dirt even in the quali. Championship leader Maikel Melero pulled off a Double Grab Flip, catapulting himself into second place in the preliminary round. Only Rob Adelberg, who showed the best style in the quali, was able to outdo him. David Rinaldo also executed a Double Grab Flip, progressing through into the next round along with Petr Pilat, who performed a Dead Body Flip which was not quite fully extended. Remi Bizouard completed the line-up for the final.

Hannes Ackermann did not make the top six, despite his completely new Seatgrab Clicker Flip. Apart from him, Jose Miralles, Brice Izzo, Luc Ackermann and Bianconcini were also unable to move forwards in the run-up to the final round.

But prior to that, Bianconcini was still fighting for victory in the Rockwell Best Whip contest. He and Bizouard ‘whipped’ the pants off all the other competitors. However, going head-to–head with Bianconcini, Bizouard nosed in front to secure the trophy.

The Italian Stallion could not bear the shame and put everything on the line in the Maxxis Highest Air contest, where he got the drop on both Jose Miralles and German rider Luc Ackermann with a jump of 9.30 metres.

Three-time world champion Bizouard confidently opened the finale with a Seat Grab, Cliffhanger and Ruler Flip combo, but Czech rider Pilat went one better directly after that. He jumped a Shaolin Flip first, followed by a Dead Body Flip in the double line. The judges liked what they saw, placing him higher than the Frenchman. But here again, Pilat was also removed from the hot seat straightaway when Rinaldo pulled off his Double Grab Indy Flip and California Roll. At any rate, the Frenchman did not enjoy his time in the top position for long. Starting after him, Podmol let fly with a TP Roll, Cliffhanger Flip and Can Indy Backflip salvo. The audience and judges were in raptures when for the first time, he also effortlessly executed a Surfer Takeoff Tsunami Flip across the kicker ramp. 397 points gave him the lead.

And ultimately, no one was able to snatch the top spot back from Podmol. Maikel Melero showed a strong run initially with his Double Grab Flip, but there was no quarter pipe on which to perform his 540. He could not catch Podmol without this trick. Nor was Rob Adelberg able to knock the Czech rider off his perch. His run was too ‘unsafe’ as he left the expected trick premiere for tomorrow. Nevertheless, it was enough to give him third place. Rinaldo jumped ahead of the Australian into second place, but Podmol secured a well deserved victory on the day, announcing his return to the fray in the championship fight.

Maikel Melero on 108 points leads the world championship standings after the seven FIM Freestyle MX world championship contests staged so far. Podmol is on 96 points, moving up into second position. Bizouard is third with 80 points.

The eighth round of the 2014 FIM Freestyle MX World Championship gets under way tomorrow with the second day of the NIGHT of the JUMPs at the Shenzhen grand prix in China on Sunday.

Firstname Lastname Nat WR Pts
1 Libor Podmol CZE 20.0
2 David Rinaldo FRA 18.0
3 Rob Adelberg AUS 16.0
4 Maikel Melero ESP 14.0
5 Petr Pilat CZE 12.0
6 Remi Bizouard FRA 10.0
7 Jose Miralles ESP 9.0
8 Hannes Ackermann GER 8.0
9 Brice Izzo FRA 7.0
10 Luc Ackermann GER 6.0
11 Massimo Bianconcini ITA 5.0

Firstname Lastname Nat Pts
1 Libor Podmol CZE 397.0
2 David Rinaldo FRA 390.0
3 Rob Adelberg AUS 388.0
4 Maikel Melero ESP 383.0
5 Petr Pilat CZE 382.0
6 Remi Bizouard FRA 366.0

Highest Air
Firstname Lastname Nat Height
1 Massimo Bianconcini ITA 9.5 m
2 Jose Miralles ESP 9.3 m
3 Luc Ackermann GER 8.5 m

Whip Contest
Firstname Lastname Nat
1 Remi Bizouard FRA

Firstname Lastname Nat Points
1 Rob Adelberg AUS 345.0
2 Maikel Melero ESP 340.0
3 Libor Podmol CZE 337.0
4 David Rinaldo FRA 335.0
5 Petr Pilat CZE 331.0
6 Remi Bizouard FRA 330.0
7 Jose Miralles ESP 311.0
8 Hannes Ackermann GER 296.0
9 Brice Izzo FRA 293.0
10 Luc Ackermann GER 262.0
11 Massimo Bianconcini ITA 262.0